E-luminate P6




E-Luminate P6 offers all the great benefits of our regular Profile 6 fibre cement profiled sheeting, with the addition of a unique, underside light reflecting coating.

Natural light is an element not to be overlooked when thinking about our animals welfare. For this reason, the more we can replicate the natural environment inside a livestock building, the better it is for the animals.

We have been investigating and researching innovative ways that we can help to improve the living conditions for animals whilst retaining the performance of the building and not adding additional overheads like electricity and maintenance. E-luminate results in an increase of natural light within the barn, unit or building. Tests have proven that in all scenarios natural light is increased dramatically. This new product will be perfect for dairy units and stables in particular.

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Benefits of E-Luminate

Benefits of E-Luminate

  • Increased productivity
  • Brighter, lighter working environment – better for farmers and animals
  • Plus all the same benefits as Profile 6 top quality fibre cement sheeting
  • Guaranteed for 30 years, anticipated lifespan in excess of 60 years
  • Warm in winter, cool in summer
  • No condensation
  • Maintenance-free; corrosion resistant
  • Absorbs rain noise for increased animal comfort
  • Complete technical support
  • CE Mark approved
  • Backed by 80 years experience
  • Crown fixed - low risk of leakage



Technical specifications


Technical Data Standard Roofing  Spaced Sheeting 
Overall width 1086 mm 1016 mm
Net covering width 1016 mm 1016 mm
Thickness (nominal) 6.7 mm 6.7 mm
Density (nominal) 1450 kg/m³ 1450 kg/m³
Pitch of corrugations (nominal) 146.5 mm 146.5 mm
Depth of profile 47.6 mm 47.6 mm
Profile height category C C
Side lap 70 mm N/A
Minimum end lap 150 mm 150 mm
Maximum purlin centres 1375 mm 1375 mm
Maximum rail centres 1825 mm 1825 mm
Maximum unsupported overhang 350 mm 350 mm
Approx. weight of roof as laid, with end lap, single skin including fixings 17 kg/m² 16 kg/m²
Minimum roof pitch 10° 12°


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