Benefits of FarmTec

Benefits of FarmTec

Benefits of FarmTec

  • Almost 90 years of experience:
    For almost 90 years, Euronit have had deep roots in Irish farming. Today, we’re the most experienced company in farm building materials in Ireland, manufacturing profiled sheets specifically designed for Irish farmers and our unique climate.
  • Moisture absorbency:
    Euronit FarmTec semi-compressed sheets are designed to absorb up to 25% of their weight in moisture to reduce condensation.
  • Thermal conductivity:
    As well as high absorption levels, Euronit FarmTec offers high-performing thermal technology. Absorbing heat from the sun on hot days to keep sheds cooler, while retaining heat to keep them warm on cold days.
  • Acoustic dampening:
    Euronit FarmTec sheets have high acoustic dampening performance, which makes them up to twice as quiet than metal roofs. Creating a calmer environment for animals and farmers alike.
  • Weather-resistant:
    Euronit FarmTec provides long-term protection against all weather conditions.
  • Fire rating:
    Euronit FarmTec provides fire classification when tested against the EN13501-1, is A2-s1-d0.


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Technical specifications

FarmTec Natural Grey, and painted sheet lengths (mm): 1220, 1375, 1525, 1675, 1825, 1975, 2125, 2275, 2440, 2600, 2750, 2900, 3050

FarmTec Farmscape Anthracite lengths (mm): 1525, 1675, 2440, 2750, 2900, 3050

Sheet width (mm) Wave width (mm) Wave height (mm)
1097mm 177mm 57.5mm



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