How agricultural roofing can maximise animal welfare 

Animal welfare is at the heart of everything you do. You want to provide the best living environment for your animals, so it is imperative that you choose the best roofing solution for their housing to suit their needs. Get inspired by our optimal solutions. 

How agricultural roofing can maximise animal welfare 

Different animals, different needs 

You know better than anyone that different animals have different needs. Allowing too much moisture or having cold temperatures, coupled with poor ventilation, can result in animal sickness such as pneumonia. Therefore, the right balance between temperature, humidity and the correct level of ventilation are essential to create a healthy living environment.

In addition, light and sound play an important role in the wellbeing of your animals. Natural light, for example, has an influence on the daily rhythm of dairy cows and can help stimulate milk production and help with reproduction. Animals are sensitive to noise, so you want to avoid havoc as soon as the first drops of rain fall on your roof. 

How agricultural roofing can maximise animal welfare 

Healthy dairy cows are more productive and beef cows grow faster 

Good building design is essential for your animals’ mental and physical wellbeing, whether this is for dairy cows, sucklers or beef. Healthy cows produce more milk, beef cattle grow faster and stronger, improving the return on investment for you.  

  In addition to protecting them from the weather, your buildings need to withstand the internal environment created by your cows. The animals themselves can increase the humidity within the building. Changing and extreme weather conditions can increase this moisture output even more. Therefore, it is key to reduce the amount of moisture that will condense on the underside of the roof and drip back down on the cows as this can help spread any diseases that are present

  Euronit FarmTec fibre cement roofing is unique in that it can hold up to 25% of its weight in condensation. This ability to absorb condensation prevents the formation of droplets. The trapped condensation is dissipated through the sheets.

While condensation levels can increase four-fold in extreme weather conditions, the properties of fibre cement roofing can help to keep your animals warmer in winter and cooler in summer. 

Because of the high protection offered by Agribild Plus it is ideally suited for use on animal housing and other high-humidity buildings. Here, condensation can be reduced by natural ventilation provided by eave, ridge and wall openings. Agrivent Plus ventilated sheeting helps control condensation, providing optimal airflow, while it maintains structural integrity. Further condensation control can be achieved by combining Agrivent Plus products with Condri material on the roof.

How agricultural roofing can maximise animal welfare 

Keep your pigs safe and comfortable

Animal welfare is our highest priority, that’s why it’s important you invest in a sustainable building designed for your pigs’ needs. All pigs are sensitive to climate variations but consider giving special attention to pregnant sows and piglets, who may become even more sensitive. 

  Piggeries need to protect your animals from the weather, but they also need to withstand the aggressive and corrosive environments created by them. Fibre cement is the ideal solution for this, as it does not corrode in such an ammonia-rich environment. Another key benefit is that the properties of fibre cement roofing help regulate the internal environment, so your pigs remain comfortable. 

How agricultural roofing can maximise animal welfare 

A bright and quite place for your horses

The properties of fibre cement help to create the ideal environment for horses to thrive.

Fibre cement is a breathable material that absorbs moisture that can be present in the air especially after the horse’s exercise. This unique absorbing characteristic of fibre cement prevents condensation building up and dripping back onto your precious animals. Excess moisture can cause bacteria and fungi to grow. 

As horses are particularly sensitive to noise, it is important to choose a roofing material that can absorbs sound when it rains. Euronit FarmTec sheeting significantly reduces the drumming of rain and internal echoes, thereby minimising disturbance and creating a quitter environment for both the stabling and indoor exercise of horses. Last but not least, natural light is also vital for your horse’s welfare. When the stable boxes are integrated in larger buildings, the more your stables replicate the natural environment, the better. Translucent sheets provide an increase of natural light, leading to a more pleasant environment for you and your animals as well as energy savings.

How agricultural roofing can maximise animal welfare 

The advantages of fibre cement roofing 

Euronit FarmTec fibre cement roofing solutions provide a healthy living environment for your livestock. These advantages have been appreciated by farmers for generations: 

  • Fibre cement is a breathable material which means it can absorb up to 25% of its own weight in condensation. It prevents the droplets dripping back onto your animals. The trapped condensation dissipates through the fibre cement when weather conditions are favourable. 

  • Fibre cement’s properties help to regulate the changes in temperature as the material has a low temperature conductivity which means it is slow to transfer changes in temperature from outside to inside.

  • Fibre cement corrugated roofing sheets absorb noise effectively, resulting in a calm atmosphere in the building even when there is a storm outside. 

How agricultural roofing can maximise animal welfare 

The advantages of Agribild Plus metal sheeting

Euronit Agribild Plus is Ireland’s most popular metal sheeting product for animal housing and farm buildings.

  • Highest protective metal sheeting on the market

  • 35µm of polyester coating inside and out

  • Factory to farmer guarantee

  • Cut edge protection – supplied with a Galvalloy® metallic coating

  • 80 years experience on Irish farms.

Euronit is the only supplier of both fibre cement and metal sheeting in Ireland so you can be sure you’re getting the best advice on the right material for you. Whatever your farm building requirements, we have the solution. With 80 years experience, our expert team of customer service and technical support are on hand to guide you every step of the way.

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