Renovating the roof on your farm building

Do your farm buildings have old or damaged roof sheets on them? Or maybe they simply aren't performing as you would like them to? Perhaps it is time to renovate. As agricultural roof sheeting experts, Euronit can help you to transform your existing roof to become a brand new, eye-catching and high-performing one. With almost 90-years of experience in the Irish market, we have grown alongside Irish farmers and have used their feedback to deliver agricultural roof sheeting innovations that perform to the standards Irish farmers require.

Whether you run an arable, beef, dairy, pig or poultry enterprise the roofing system you have over your crop or livestock is crucial. While it can be easy to forget about your roof’s condition if it is out of sight, it is vital that it is kept in good running-order year-round, every year. Holes, jagged edges, fragmented sheets and loose fixings are just some indicators that it may be time to renovate. A deterioration in the quality of your roofing system can be the difference between a sub-par or mediocre year and a great year of business.


Key Considerations

Here are some of the key questions to ask yourself when thinking about renovating the roof on your farm buildings:

Do I need to change the full roof or just small areas of it? Perhaps it is just a small section of your roof that needs to be replaced or maybe it is the majority of it. This needs to be identified from the out-set.

What is the best time of year for me to carry out renovation works? This could be the time of year when there is least activity in the building. For example; for a dairy farmer, it may be summer time when the cows are out in the fields.

Who can carry out the work for me and when are they available to do it? Your local roofer may be able to carry out the renovation for you but their schedule may be busy for the foreseeable future so it’s useful to get a sense of the timelines involved for all parties.


Why does my existing roof need to be replaced? It’s important to learn the cause, if appliable. It could be because of how it was installed, its application, quality etc. or it may just be the inevitable passage of time catching up with the materials.

What do I want to achieve by renovating the existing roof? Ask yourself this question to identify what you have learned from your experience with your old roofing system and what you would like to gain by renovating with a new material.


Improved Efficiencies

For most farmers, the answer to the final question, regarding what they would like to achieve with a renovation, is improved environmental conditions. Regardless of their farming system, we see many farmers who are renovating their buildings opt for our FarmTec fibre cement product.

FarmTec sheeting is designed with Irish farmers and weather in mind. The sheets reduce condensation in the barn thanks to their ability to absorb up to 25% of their own weight, not to mention having natural noise suppressing properties which ensure that the shed remains a quiet and calm space when the rain is pouring down. They provide great thermal conductivity too. FarmTec sheets absorb the sun’s heat in summer helping to keep the shed cool, while the reverse is true in winter which means optimal temperatures are always delivered.

Agricultural sheeting renovations are not always entirely driven by roof conditions however. Sometimes farmers may choose to renovate their shed roofs as part of wider sustainability projects. The old roof surface may not be compatible with, for example, solar panel mounting requirements and therefore they may need to upgrade their sheeting so that the panels can be mounted securely. Solar panels can be mounted to Euronit’s FarmTec corrugated sheets and we have a guide available to farmers to show how best to do it.

We’ve Got You Covered

An agricultural roof renovation project can often raise some unanticipated questions. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Thanks to Euronit’s almost 90-year tradition in the market, we’ve developed a wealth of experience and have a trusted team of advisors on-hand to listen, help and guide you through your renovation project.

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